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Completed application including application fee $50


Requirement II

one page essay describing yourself & reason you should be chosen for this training

Admission Requirement III

High School Graduate 

**Birth  Worker Experience **

**College level courses**

**Not requirement**

Admission Requirement IV

Admission Interview 

Now Accepting Applications 


A Wombman's Way Warrior Midwife Training: Remembering Restoring Reclaiming the Legacy of African American Grand Midwives is a complete midwifery training program.



A Wombman's Way Warrior Midwife Training academics are accessible online with Bi-Monthly Study Groups in Charlotte NC.


The Purpose of this training is to help eradicate the shortage  and to address the inequities in access to African American Midwives. 


Sakina O’Uhuru, CNM MS has been Helping Women Reduce Their Risk for Untoward Birth Outcomes, One Birth At A Time, practicing the art of Midwifery for over 20 years. She has personally provided maternal child health care in underserved areas for 30 years.

She held the position as Site Director/Director of Midwifery Services of Morris Heights Women’s Health & Birthing Pavilion during 1999-2004. MHHC was the first clinic to offer out of hospital prenatal labor & delivery services in an underserved community in New York City.

Ms. O’Uhuru is a Clinical Preceptor for SUNY Downstate Midwifery Program. In the past, she has been a preceptor for Stony Brook, Columbia Nurse Midwifery Program, and New York University Midwifery Program.
In 2002, she founded her private practice, Gentle Spirit Home Birth Midwifery Services where she offers comprehensive women’s health care services. Gentle Spirit Birth is a private practice independently owned now operating in Charlotte NC. She has attended well over 1000 out of hospital births.
In 2013, out of the need to address the staggering rates of maternal and infant mortality in the African American Community, Ms. O’Uhuru founded her non-profit, A Woman’s Way.

AWW’s mission is aimed at providing community based educational forums that focus on reducing risk for African American women during pregnancy labor and birth. AWW also provides birth worker training courses.

Ms. O’Uhuru serves on the board of Beco Productions, Journey to Dance, and Soul Summit Music.
Reality Bridges 2013 Volume 3.3 Can African American Women Conceptualize The Midwifery Model of Care As The Gold Standard of Prenatal Care For All Low Risk Women?

2013 Ms. O’Uhuru published her first Memoir, Journey To Birth: The Story of a Midwife’s Journey and A Reflection of The Heroic Women She Served Along the Way.
2019 Planet Heal : What Would You Do to Heal Planet Earth?
by Queen Afua


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