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Our mission

A Wombman’s Way Warrior Midwife Training (AWWWMT) 

was birthed through the womb of A Woman's Way which is our nonprofit organization whose mission is to offer women health information, and educational trainings aimed at improving both Infant and Maternal health within African American Communities based in Remembering Reclaiming and Restoring the legacy of

"The African American Gran Midwife"

Every woman alive is the sum of all she ever did and felt and was.” 

Sister Julien "Call The Midwife"

Philosophy and Purpose

A Wombman's Way Warrior Midwife Training is offering a two year educational program that is based in a belief that the study of midwifery is a consciously driven, evidence-based sustainable model. Our program prepares students to be culturally competent direct entry midwife providers who are qualified and competent to offer wholesome family centered care who dare to touch who care to listen, who validate and offer community based midwifery. 


Our director, Sakina O'Uhuru, and faculty collaboratively offer over 50 years of training in reproductive, maternal and child health education and experience. Our organization and our providers believe in creating trustworthy relationships that lead to healthier lifestyles for both student faculty and for the community of women that will be served.

A Wombman's Way curriculum fosters a philosophy that is based in an integrative process that centers the needs of women and family. ​We practice our principles by designing programs that Remember, Reclaim, Restore, and Celebrate women’s ways of knowing, healing, helping and honoring. 


The Granny Midwives & their Sacred Support services for all stages and needs of womanhood and motherhood.



Harnessing our legacy and principals to help women remember their power purpose supporting them in accessing their personal power and actualizing their creative purpose in this life.



Our trainings provide tools for students that adequately support women of color. These tools help them recognize and answer the call of duty to serve the Spirit of Birth as Black Birth Practitioners and offer an approach to living and learning that restores dignity, compassion and authority to being a woman.

Our curriculum includes self study as well as weekly study groups and/or workshops that support a healthier student/faculty relationship. Although our courses are online, our students are supported throughout the curriculum.  Our trainings support students to practice within their own communities and encourage them to become interwoven within their local birthing community to encourage community reciprocity and a stronger community healer model. 

AWWWMT strives to prepare students to practice competently, responsibly, and sensitively. We support students in forming healthy relationships with instructors, preceptors, clients, fellow students, and other professional colleagues. We are committed to teach students to take responsibility for themselves, both personally and professionally.  Lastly, we are committed to a curriculum that supports the sisterhood in midwifery. 

Our program prepares midwives for community midwifery reflecting the midwifery model of care. We offer guidance and preparation for the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) exam.

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