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Clinical Preceptors

A Wombman's Way is a community-based midwifery education program. Our staff represents the communities in which our students will serve. All faculty members will impact our student’s learning experience.  We chose faculty who understands offers empathy and value to each student’s midwifery education and training. AWWWMT  faculty are tasked with teaching didactic, theory, and the hands-on midwifery skills that are fundamental in the transformation each student makes from our program training. In keeping with our mission to provide culturally competent, basic competency courses,  that are all rooted in a micro aggressive & bias free curriculum, faculty are vetted and carefully chosen prior to joining our staff.   


AWWWMT does not provide students with clinical placements however, we do assist with and play a supportive role for our students with identifying and securing their own preceptorships. Students are allowed to work  with either a single or multiple Midwife preceptors.  We value and honor student-preceptor/apprentice relationship and encourage each pair to establish and create their personal arrangements for their work together.

Faculty Requirements

Bachelor of Science and Masters Degree preferred 

Inquiries can be made through emailing administrative staff at:

Preceptor Paperwork

Students are responsible for keeping track of all clinical experience 

Preceptor Payment

Most preceptors realize adequate exchange with an apprentice via assistance with the practice. However, it is possible that a preceptor will charge a student additional fees. Students are responsible for this as a separate agreement.

Supporting Preceptor as Educator

AWWWMT preserves community-based midwifery education our curriculum supports the apprenticeship model.  We support preceptors and assist by creating collaboratives that effectively enhances the preceptor-student relationship.


Sakina O'Uhuru Executive Director


Karma's pic.jpg

Karma Cloud Educator Doula 

Amadoma pic.JPG

Amadoma Bediako Doula

Amaadi's pic.jpg

Hepziba Allen 



Akua Wright Historian

Contributing Faculty


Memaniye Cinque RN



Renee Bellamy MSN

Contributing Faculty


Tioma Allison CNM

Contributing Faculty

Adiah Oyesefobi


Maat Pilar


Camile Lundy


Dr. Jennifer Holiday

OB/Gyn  Midwife 

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