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Remembering Restoring Reclaiming Faith in our Bodies

Program Objectives

A Wombman's Way Warrior Midwife graduates are prepared to:

  • Graduate reflecting  the Midwives Model of Care, and practice reflecting the professional standards of the CPM credential.

  • Provide  culturally-competent care to women, babies and families.

  • Increase the number of African American Midwives within the USA

  • Apply critical thinking, theoretical knowledge, and informed decision making to make collaborative clinical decisions with clients about their health care.

  •  Qualify graduates to sit for the North American Registry of Midwives (“NARM”), and state midwifery licensure where provided.

  • Establish or partner with a midwifery practice within the community in which they  have become an integral part of the local birth network.

  • Preceptor student midwives supporting the apprenticeship model of midwifery education .

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