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AWWWMT Certificate Program

NARM Certification 

Graduates from our certificate program gain the knowledge, abilities and skills necessary for entry-level midwifery practice. Graduates wishing to pursue the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) Certified Professional Midwife credential (CPM) will qualify under the Portfolio Evaluation Preparation process (PEP) Schools application route.

A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) is a practitioner who met the standards set by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). A CPM is a qualified professional who is knowledgeable and skilled to work as an independent midwife in out-of-hospital settings. 


Along with providing continuous care for women throughout their childbearing cycle, a Certified Professional Midwife works with women to help foster a healthy pregnancy and provides education to better assist with decision making. 

State Licensure/Certification/Registration

Over thirty states currently regulate direct-entry midwifery. Almost all these states license, certify, or register midwives by requiring either the CPM credential or a passing score on the NARM Written Examination. While graduating from our program and passing the NARM Written Examination results in the CPM credential, application for state licensure/certification/registration is required in many states and is a separate process from applying to AWWWMT &/or NARM. Although it is the responsibility of students to determine whether our program is an appropriate step to licensure/certification/registration in their anticipated state of practice, AWWWMT staff will assist our students in this process.  


A Wombman’s Way Warrior Midwife Training program prepares you to sit for the NARM exam to become a CPM. You will be provided with the education, training and experience that is proficient for midwifery. 

Step 1: Verification of Experienced and Skills

One would have to fulfill all General Education requirements, documentation, clinicals, verification of skills and 3 letters of recommendation. After completing all steps, one will be sent a Letter of Completion. 


Step 2: Application for Certification Exam  

Submit the CPM Application Form (400) and Letter of Completion of NARM’s PEP Program to register for the exam. Upon approval of all application materials, one will receive a letter of intent from the Testing Department to register for the Narm Examination.


Step 3: Phase 4

Five additional births as Primary Under Supervision


Upon passing the NARM exam and submitting all the required information, you will receive your Certified Professional Midwife Certificate. Recertification is required every 3 years. 


NARM has no location-based restrictions on the exam and many in NC have gone on to take the exam/earn their CPM. 


Laws and regulations are not assured to be the same from the beginning of your training to the end, so please stay aware of legislative efforts to further restrict birth rights wherever you decide to practice. 


For more information please see below or visit:

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