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Complete Your Midwifery Study With

A Wombman's Way Warrior Training 

Through Our Community Education Program

A Wombman's Way Warrior Midwife Training is committed to the education of women, people, families and the preservation of Midwifery within African American communities. 


Our country is experiencing a racialized crisis.  The maternal mortality rate amongst African American women is 3 times higher than any other group of women. 


A profound Racial disparity exist in maternal and infant health outcomes within African American Communities. A Wombman's Way Warrior Midwife educational program believes that midwifery care will help improve these outcomes by increasing access to empowering and culturally relevant birthing options led by Midwives.  


A Wombman's Way Warrior Midwife Training was established to:

  • Address inequities within midwifery education programs.

  • Address the lack of available Midwives of color,

  • Increase access to impact the tremendous shortage of Black Midwives. 


Our curriculum supports women centered birth based in evidence based medicine. We practice our principles by designing programs that are based in a tradition of Remembering, Reclaiming, Restoring, Serving, and Celebrating women’s ways of knowing, healing, helping and honoring. 


Additionally, we integrate the truth of our lived experiences into our training and include research, evidence based practices, documentaries, multi-media projects and presentations that honor the legacy and future of black womanhood and motherhood. 

A Wombman's Way Warrior Midwife Training is committed to providing implicit bias free education, free of micro aggressive encounters within a program that provides the basic competencies that prepares graduates as direct entry midwives for the North American Registry of Midwives exam.

Choose a more empowering route to your midwifery credential...

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